Cela Luz


Born in 1986 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lives in Brooklyn, New York



2015 MFA Fine Arts - School of Visual Arts 17” New York, US

2009-2014 BFA Graphic Design from Centro Universitário da Cidade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



2015        Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, Rio de Janeiro



2018      Momentum | curated by Gisela Gueiros, Espaço Vão, SP, Brazil

2018      The Head is Round | curated by Gisela Gueiros, Lazy Susan Gallery, NY, US

2017       O contexto da linha | Galeria Mercedes Viegas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2017       PARTILHAS, PRESENÇAS, PROJETOS | curated by Mario Gioia | at Blau Projects Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

2017       God bless deli | curated by Yael Azoulay and Ali Shrago | at Space Heater Gallery, New York, U.S.

2017       Fragmentos de um discurso pictórico | curated by Mario Gioia | at Roberto Alban Gallery, Salvador, Brazil

2017        Transfiguration | curated by Carl Auge | at Flatiron Gallery, NY 

2017        Cognitive Dissidence | curated by Dan Cameron | at Ray Smith Studio, Brooklyn, NY 

2017        Orange you glad we didn't say bonanza? | curated by Lauren Elise | at Arthelix Gallery, May 12th, NY, U.S.  

2017        SVA MFA Fine Arts Open Studios, April 27th, New York, U.S.

2016        SVA MFA Fine Arts Open Studios, December, New York, US

2016         Artificial Frills | curated by Suzanne Stroebe | at The Cloying Parlor | November NY

2016         Making the future | curated by Julie Torres and Michael David, at David and Schwitzer Contemporary Gallery, NY, US

2016         My Sweet Bushwick Open Studios, October NY, USA

2016         Sva Open Studios, April, NY, USA

2015         Sva Open Studios, December, NY, USA

2014         O Caos Corpóreo, curated by Clara Mellac, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil



2018 Art Rio - Galeria Mercedes Viegas

2018             SP Arte - Galeria Mercedes Viegas 

2014             ARTIGO Fair, Pier Mauá, Art Rio, Cais do Porto, Rio de Janeiro



Gilberto Chateaubriand, RJ 

Private collections



"Not Random Art" March 2017 page 94

"Must have: the deep delicacy of Cela Luz" 

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"The occupation" April 2015 

"The occupation by Cela Luz" April, 2015 

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“Anti-gay remarks during Brazil's presidential debate draw ire of rights groups” FOX News, Sept. 29, 2014 ()

“A serigraph made by artist Cela Luz, shows a kiss between presidential candidates Silva and Rousseff of the Workers' Party (PT) as a man rides his bicycle in Rio de Janeiro” YAHOO NEWS, Sept. 28, 2014 () 

“Autora de beijo entre Marina e Dilma diz que objetivo era 'transmitir amor’”, globo.com, Sept. 26, 2014 ()

"Creative Brazil by Cela Luz" April, 2012



TV Brasil - estúdio movel



Partial Scholarship at School of Visual Arts 2015-2017