2016/2017 - Series of work made while I was living in New York

We all have memories. When we talk about painting, we are also talking about memories. It could be a short-term memory, from an image hanging on the studio wall, or it could be from childhood, but it will always come from their memory. It is especially important to us for making personal connections, learning and developing. That is what my painting does for me. It makes me feel comfortable and remember my roots while still living in the moment, observing my daily life, and growing. I am interested in investigating this psychological space.

My cultural difference, while I was living out of my home country, activated my sensibility to visualize and connect me with my memories. They are my home, and to create a new safe place, I revisit what I already have. It helps me learn who I am and how to make meaning in the world around me.

If I could give an example of how I see my mind, it would be something similar to the universe, where stars, comets, and planets float, while some of them rotate together in an endless cosmos. That is why the compositions are made with floating elements, with no single horizontal line or perspective as a guidance to the viewer, and sometimes they look like an explosion - just the way the universe was born. The title of this project is Across the Universe in reference to that and is composed with a group of paintings.

I combine painting and drawings in the same work to express two distinct moments in contrast to each other. I am interested in the transparency that the oil paint allows me to create, the texture of a dry paint, the skin of the paint in contact with the canvas, and the time that it takes to dry.